These resources will help you find more information about rocky shores.

Ocean Poems is a selection of poems to kick off some sea shore poetry. Perhaps write it in the sand?

NZCity Tide Chart
NIWA Tide Chart


- Te Ara Coastal Shoreline : A NZ encyclopedia of information. Hard level of reading.
- Seashore Scramble is part of the NZ Marine Studies Centre education programme. Downloadable and printable seashore trip lessons and activities, plus full colour guides to rocky shores life.


Allanah's Class Delicious Links to the Rocky Shore. To see them click on the Delicious logo.
Mr Wood's Delicious Links to the Rocky Shore.
Nothing like collaborative learning! Ms Bee has her first Delicious account and Delicious Bookmark Linksabout Coastal Habitats! Something she has been meaning to do for a while! :-) Mostly double ups on my awesome mentors but another learning task accomplished by this teacher!

Here is the link to St Clair's video about the starfish and the scallop.