Questions that Team 17 of Bailey Road School came up about rocky shores to ask Appleby School and St Clair School.

1. What color is the sand at the beach?
Appleby- We have three types of sand. One is a sort of black colour and that is down deeper. we have golden sand at Kaiteriteri and Marahau. Here at Rabbit Island (Moturoa) the sand is a grey type of silver colour.

Team 17: We mostly have greyish sand but some are golden.
St Clair beach is a long city beach (it actually merges with St Kilda so it is two beaches). Our sand is golden and the dry sand at the top of the beach is a fine white sand. There are patches of yellow and orange sand. If you dig deep, there is golden sand with tiny pebbles. Erosion is a major issue for the sand dunes and we have sand shipped in to help prevent erosion.The harbour the sand is more brown with lots of stones and rocks. There is a tiny beach called Macandrew Bay. it should be rocky but the councils trucks in sand from other beaches.

2. How rocky are your beaches?
Appleby- Places like Ruby Bay are rocky but Rabbit Island is not rocky at all.

Team 17: Some of ours are rocky and some are nice and sandy, we have a lot of shells on our beaches.
Our backyard is St Clair and it is a long sandy beach.There are rocks around the headlands and at the bottom of cliffs. Further south it gets really rocky. Our harbour is all rock, stones and boulders. A lot of silt gets washed into our harbour from the Tairei river. It has to be dredged so that ships can get down our harbour.

3. What do you find in rock pools?
Appleby- We haven't been there yet but we hope to see crabs, starfish, sea-snails, cockabullies, shrimp, anemones, whitebait, sea urchins (kina) and seaweed.

Team 17: We have starfish, sand shrimp, sand hoppers, sea urchins, seaweed, sea snails, anemones, jellyfish and a lot of beautiful rocks and shells.
St Clair does not have any rockpools but the beaches around Dunedin do. In them, we see a lot of Hermit Crabs, periwinkles, and scallops. If we are lucky, we find chitons, kina, biscuit stars and other starfish, mussels, limpets. Sometimes, we will see sea anemones. These cling to rocks and shoot tiny poisonous spears to catch their food. They do not hurt us because our skin is too thick for the tiny spears.

4. Do you see dolphins at aquariums?
Appleby- not at our aquarium - it is really small.

Team 17: Yes there are dolphins in our aquarium.
No we don't but we have different types of fish, octopus, touch tanks, sea horses, and underwater plants. There are holding tanks with young carpet sharks, dogfish, blue cod and camouflage crabs. This aquarium is a Marine Study Centre and is attached to the university and is actually a research centre. It is not like Kelly Tarlton's at all.

5. What kind of fish can you catch when you go fishing?
Appleby- snapper, barracuda, octopus, kingfish, rig, cod, spotties, flounder, gurnard, kahawai, eels, groper, shark and tarakihi.

Team 17: We have eels, shark, flounder, snapper, codfish, and lots of the same fish as Appleby.
People will mostly deep sea fish here. The most common fish that we catch is the blue cod and salmon. Salmon is released into our harbour from a hatchery.

6. What kind of crabs are there?
Appleby- paddle crabs and hermit crabs, mud crabs and ghost crabs.

Team 17: The common crabs here are the cancer crab, paddle crab and hermit crabs.
We do not have crabs on our beach but there are lots in our harbour. We have found: camouflage crabs, smooth shore crabs, hermit crabs, half crabs, and cancer crabs. Other crustaceans include crayfish.

7. Are there eels at your beach?

Appleby- no.

Team 17: no
There are not any eels on our beach but we do find them around river mouths that feed into the harbour.

8. What sort of shells and rocks do you see at the beach?

Appleby- scallops, pipi, paua, mussels, cockles and oysters.

Team 17: scallops, pipi, clams, paua, mussels, priwinkles, limpets, cockles and oysters.
St Clair beach does not have many shells but other beaches like Warrington and Aramoana have periwinkles (cats eyes), scallops, cockles, empty crab shells,

9. Are your beaches often cold?

Appleby- our beaches are only cold in winter.

Team:17 Yes they are because its nearly winter, but in summer it is warm.
St Clair Beach is cold but we get used to it. Some days it gets as hot as 30 degrees so the air temperature can be hot but the water is always cold. There is a current that flows down the West Coast towards Antarctica and back up the East coast past Dunedin.

Questions for the Aquarium Visit from Appleby school

Room 7 has just found these questions and each buzz group took one to answer. We have included photos and hope our answers are useful.

  1. What animals did you see on your aquarium visit? We saw Dogfish, a range of fish in the pond (e.g blue cod and trout,) Anemones, Crabs, Starfish (different types i.e. biscuit star.) Sea Slug Sea snail clams, Scallops,Octopus cockles, Limpet, Carpet shark, Barnacle, Plankton, Phyto plankton, Zoo Plankton, Camouflage Crab, Kina , Se cucumber, a sea horse, A tube worm and a crayfish.
  2. What is the biggest shark or animal at the aquarium? We had many sizes of animals, but the largest was an octopus and a carpet shark. but a thing that stood out the most for some people was that there was a giant squid on the ceiling,( a fake) it scared some of us when we saw IT!!!

  3. How do the aquarium people get the animals for the aquarium?all the marine life there is from the otago harbour some times fishermen catch things they don't want so the give them to the aquarium. fisheries fish up dog fish sharks the can't use so they give them as samples to freeze and use for learning. but the aquarium have people who go fishing especially for the aquariumIMG_5989.JPG
  4. How long did it take you to get to the aquarium?
  5. Are you going anywhere else as well as the aquarium. We are going to the rocky shore as well.
  6. What do you know about the animals and plants that you are going to find at the aquarium.
  7. Where did you find out your information from? Like learning about crayfish.
  8. How do you keep the water clean in the aquarium?